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Music festival guide part one: Camping fests


pregaming with coffee

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Hi all!

I’m exceptionally excited to bring you today’s post, because I’m almost 20 days out from attending what is most likely to be the highlight of my summer: Electric Forest in Rothbury, Michigan! Yeehaw!

If you’re no stranger to social media and/or the style world, you may have noticed that music festivals have somewhat taken over fashion (I mean, my Instagram feed was basically clogged for two weeks with Coachella pictures). Flower crowns, chicks in Aztec print, Arcade Fire — yes, it’s all good stuff. But is this just some sort of weird time warp fad that we’re all experiencing, transporting us back into the days of Woodstock? I don’t know. Who cares. It’s awesome.

My love of festivals first blossomed in the summer of 2012, when I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago. Yes, there were definitely some people who were there just to “be there,” but most of the people I encountered were genuine and purely there for the music. I’ve always been aware to an extent of the sense of community that music establishes, but I became fully enamored with the concept after attending that festival.

The following summer, I decided to forgo Lollapalooza and experience something different, which was Electric Forest. Now, don’t get me wrong — both events are amazing. But Electric Forest is just SO MUCH MORE than a music festival. Camping for four days at a magical, illuminated forest filled with gazillions of interactive art installations and crazy circus performer people allows you to really break away from your regular life and enjoy being a kid again. You’re truly immersed in the experience, and that sense of community is even more amplified. Ah, I could go on forever about how amazing and beautiful it is, but I won’t.

ANYWAY. My point of this post is to prepare you — and give you some outfit ideas — for camping music festivals, including but not limited to Bonnaroo, Electric Forest, The Hudson Project, etc. camping-festival-wear-pregaming-with-coffee

  1. A stellar pair of tennies, such as Vans, to keep you movin’ and shakin’ all day long.
  2. It’s most likely going to be uncomfortably hot during the day. Keep cool with the unbeatable jorts and a tank top combo. Bonus points for Daft Punk lyrics.
  3. If you’re over the whole flower crown thing, why not try a flower ponytail holder?
  4. Stay hydrated with a CamelBak or similar hydration backpack! You won’t be refilling nearly as much as you would with a standard water bottle. Less time waiting in line at the water station, more time seeing your favorite artists.
  5. Leave your Ray-Bans at home and buy a more inexpensive pair of sunnies to protect your eyes.
  6. Bring a cute pullover to whip out if it gets chilly at night. Side note: I’ll give you endless hugs if you buy me anything Harry Potter.


  1. A tent, complete with sleeping bags and whatever else you need to sleep comfortably.
  2. A tarp to go under your tent, in case it rains. Don’t want your stuff getting wet!
  3. An E-Z Up or similar pop-up tent to go over your sleeping tent, to give you shade.
  4. A camp shower. Seriously, you’ll look and feel like a million bucks next to all those stinky, sweaty kids longing for a bath.
  5. Sunscreen. Being sunburned will hinder your dancing abilities and overall happiness.
  6. If your festival forbids open fires, a portable propane grill. Hot dogs fo’ dayz!
  7. Speaking of which, food is probably a good thing to bring. They should have ice available, but double check to make sure. Pack easy stuff like PB&J, oranges, apples, granola bars, etc. Festival food is delicious but kind of pricey, so save dat cash by making your own meals!
  8. A good attitude. Camping festivals are obviously much more draining than other types of festivals, and not everyone is cut out for the outdoorsy stuff. But if you go in with an open, positive mind for the experience ahead, you’ll have a blast!


Are you going to any festivals this summer? Did I miss anything on my lists? Let me know, and have a great day!

– Gina

3 thoughts on “Music festival guide part one: Camping fests

  1. Hey Gina…your description of the festival made me think of the Quidditch World Cup and camping with all the Weasleys. Have fun! Hope to see you soon!

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